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Minimal invasive hernia repair / laparoscopic inguinal hernia repair
Trans-Abdominal Pre-Peritoneal (TAPP)

The TAPP method belongs to the group of minimal invasive surgery techniques. Here, hernia are repaired by introducing a camera and surgical instruments into the peritoneal cavity via small and cosmetically almost invisible cuts. As a result, the hernia is repaired from “within”.

Here, similar to another minimal invasive technique called TEP, a polypropylene mesh (10x15 cm) is placed between abdominal wall and peritoneum which allows secure and stable repair of the hernial defect. The mesh is fixed using titanium clips.

In my practice this technique is usually performed and recommended for recurrent hernia and bilateral hernia as sometimes seen in the elderly. In my opinion this hernia repair technique does not seem suitable for athletes and adolescent.

When compared to the advantages such as reduced post-operative pain and faster speed of repair the various disadvantages still prevent this minimal invasive surgery technique from becoming the gold-standard in the field of hernia repair surgery.

However, in a personal pre-operative informative interview advantages as well as disadvantages of the various techniques are explained in detail.