Answers to the most frequent questions asked by our patients

Sport surgery practice Dr. Jens Krueger

How do I get an appointment?

You are welcome to contact our practice (+49 (0)30 26 23 33-0) and we will arrange an appointment with you.

Patients with chronic groin pain (present for more than 3 months) are asked to arrange a confirmed consultation by telephone. For the examination of these patients, a considerable amount of time and equipment is often necessary, which cannot be fully provided in the acute consultation hours. Since the practice specialises in the surgical treatment of the groin and abdominal wall ruptures, the acute consultation is focused on the diagnosis of surgical diseases in this part of the body.

Is an operative intervention due to osteitis pubis covered by the public health insurance?

Ultrasound examination of the groin is always part of the diagnostic procedure when evaluating chronic groin pain and osteitis pubis. If a hernia of the groin is discovered during the examination, surgery is covered by the public health insurance. If a surgical intervention is promising but no hernia is found, the procedure has to be payed for by the patient.

What happens after the surgical procedure?

In out-patient surgery, patients are being looked after for approx. 2 hours after the procedure. Afterwards they are allowed to go home and the follow-up of the procedure is done in my practice.

Patients that do not live in Berlin should be accompanied by a second person and should stay in a hotel overnight. 24-hrs after the surgical procedure patients can return home.

Privately insured patients have the possibility to remain in the clinic after the procedure.

What are the costs of osteitis pubis surgery?

The costs depend on the type of procedure. They are calculated according to the GOÄ and including anaesthesia expenses they amount to approx. 1000 € to 1600 € for publicly health insured patients.

For how long do I have to pause sports activities after the surgical intervention?

This period depends on the diagnosis. In case of a so called soft groin (Gilmore’s groin) approx. 4 weeks are required in order to fully recover.

In case of chronic groin pain and osteitis pubis, a post-operative athletic break of approx. 8 to 10 weeks is required. Generally patients are fully recovered after approx. 12 weeks.