Hernia » Lichtenstein technique

Surgery of hernia according to the Lichtenstein method

The hernia repair technique according to Lichtenstein is a procedure where the frontal abdominal wall is strengthened with polypropylene mesh. In my practice, the tension-free Lichtenstein technique is only applied on large (>3 cm) hernia or in case of weak connective tissue as frequently seen in the elderly.

Between muscle and muscle fascia a small 6x11 cm polypropylene mesh is fixed using sutures or tissue adhesive. The advantage of this technique is a low recurrence rate in large hernia.

The Lichtenstein technique provides a stable outcome and normal activity can be continued after completion of the wound healing process.

When compared to Shouldice repair technique of small hernia or hernia of the adolescent, the Lichtenstein procedure provides no advantage in terms of stability and wound healing. Furthermore an increased risk of chronic mesh induced pain is observed using the Lichtenstein procedure.