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Post-operative treatment and follow-up in the practice Dr. Jens Krueger

The follow-up depends of course on the type of surgery and is individually adapted to each patient. Before leaving the Surgery Centre Spichernstrasse (Operationszentrum Spichernstrasse) ambulant patients are handed the phone number of the anesthetist on call and my mobile number to ensure 24 hr availability.

For patients from Berlin the immediate post-operative wound therapy takes place in my practice and is discussed after the surgery with the patient and/or the family members. Usually the first replacement of dressing is done 3 to 4 days post-operative.

Patients from outside Berlin are taken care of by a doctor near their residency. Every patient is handed out a surgical report and a follow-up program.

Generally stitches are removed 9 days after surgery and normal daily activities are possible 14 days post-operative. Athletic activities of all kinds are usually possible after 4 weeks.