Main focus of the practice Dr. Jens Krueger

The main focus of the practice is on the operative treatment of surgical conditions. Patients have to be able to fully trust their surgeon.

Out-patient surgery

Especially in ambulant surgical therapy, patients should expect a high level of competence and safety. For more than 12 years ambulant procedures have been performed in one of the largest and most renown ambulant surgery centres in Berlin (OPZ Spichernstrasse 11, Drs. Gnamm, Schubert and Hallancy).

The OPZ Spichernstrasse provides three modern operation rooms which are state-of-the-art in terms of hygiene and technology. Here, anaesthesia is exclusively done by experienced specialists who have completed their studies of medicine in elite universities of Berlin. Similar to numerous patients treated in previous years, you can rely on their competence and feel very welcome in the OPZ Spichernstrasse.

In-patient surgery

Not every patient or surgical condition is suitable for an ambulant operation. Therefore an individual interview that includes information about the procedure, the possible risks and further questions is arranged beforehand in order to plan an appropriate therapeutic procedure.

In case of an in-patient treatment which requires specific medical post-operative care, surgery is performed in the private clinic Sanssouci in Potsdam (clinic for orthopedics and plastic surgery).

The Clinic Sanssouci in Potsdam provides three modern operation rooms and 40 beds. In order to ensure 24-hr care for our patients (private insurance), a team of highly motivated doctors and nurses is permanently available. Due to the location of the mansion-based clinic in the historic centre of Potsdam, you will feel comfortable and welcome.